Does your Suzuki key remote take ages to work ? is the casing looking tatty ? well Remote Key Repair may have an answer, we can refurbish it as good as new with our in house specialists we will replace all parts that have failed or are about to fail and fit it all back together in a New Case making it as good as new, in some cases we are also able to supply a New Car Key and code it to your car, or you may want to consider our self fitting kit please ask.

Complete refurbishment of key; £44.95 + vat and post
Self fit refurbishment kit; £21.95 + vat and post

HOW TO ORDER, if you live local to us you can call 01782518086 or 07711660980 and make an appointment to call in person and have your item refurbished while you wait.

If you don't you can send it by post (please use recorded delivery) put it in a jiffy bag (not just an envelope) please include your telephone number (preferably a mobile) we will call you when it done for payment.

Please send to;
Remote Key Repair
Sunnyside Wainlee

Your car key must have operated your vehicle at some point for this repair to work or we cannot guarantee our service, all original remote key blades will be re-attached to your newly refurbished key if possible if not a new blade will be fitted and its the customers responsibility to have this re-cut when its returned items and services are supplied under terms in our delivery and warranty. UK sales only please do not send items if you don't live in the UK.

Vehicle car key remote repair and replacement keys and remotes